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SmartBus is developing a better way to use private transport and shuttles. We're building a system that saves 35%-45% of transport costs for groups (B2B, B2B2C). Our platform is Web and Mobile oriented, aimed at reserving buses and minibuses for efficient and smart transport for events, travel, conferences etc.




Colugo has developed the ARcopter which is a unique breakthrough electric. 

Aircraft which can take off and land like a helicopter and fly as far, as fast.as reliable and asefficient as an airplane.

Due to those advantages Colugo’s ARcopter aim to lead the air delivery business at first and in the human urban transportation in the future.

A new type of personal vehicle - motorized surfer

BNC Systems is launching the 1st Cyber-Safe & Secure SmartCar – patent pending, bi-directional hardware, fully connecting Smartphones and Apps into Infotainment systems.BNC is revolutionizing the automotive industry – by allowing drivers to safely and securely connecting and using their Smartphones with their cars LCD screens – through the BNC SmartCar

Roadix is developing an innovative personal transportation vehicle known by the name MUVe.
Our main object is to offer commuters the ability to travel freely and safely in any urban environment without having to worry about finding a parking spot, gas prices, or traffic.
MUVe can be folded in 5 seconds and to be carried anywhere like a trolley suitcase, taken on the bus, car or office.

Phinergy is a leading developer of breakthrough, zero emission, high energy density systems based on Metal Air energy technologies, mainly Aluminum-Air and Zinc-Air. 
Unlike conventional batteries that carry oxygen, these batteries freely breathe oxygen from the ambient air to release the energy contained in metals.


ParkLife Provides a solution for building dynamic navigation path that will streamline your search and bring parking closest to the driver's destination at the lowest price.

Parklife algorithms combine high-resolution spatially explicit model of parking occupation with advanced machine learning. 


1. Open Source Vehicle for innovative design of multiple usage vehicles, locally designed for urban purposes.
2. Marketing sales and distribution of security and law enforcement stand-on tri-wheel electric vehicle. Used for operational environments as well.
3. Our own design of urban use electric vehicle for passenger transportation. 



RAYgo is a smart gadget you install on the steering wheel. It connects wirelessly with RAYgo app in your phone letting you use your favorite apps with minimum distraction. Your apps now talk to you and you respond pressing buttons on the steering wheel or using your voice. You can use Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, SMS and even Skype keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. 

RAYgo was created by Project Ray. A company that makes easy-to-use smartphone for the blind. Our patented technology helps thousands of people with vision loss stay connected and use modern smartphones without sight. Now this same technology helps drivers stay connected making driving smarter, safer and more fun!

Optibus specializes in optimized real-time scheduling of public transportation, and is reinventing the way public transportation is operated worldwide. Optibus technology is based on novel advanced algorithms and produces optimal vehicle and crew scheduling within seconds.
Based on accumulated experience with Optibus customers, an optimized effective plan reduces operational costs by 7% - 15%, and minimizes the number of vehicles required to operate in the region. 


EcoNoa™ offers different business models mixing Electric scooters technology. Our capabilities permit us to offer to the market innovative mobility solutions for citizens, visitors, companies and Governments.

Arilou Technologies is a cyber security company focused on the automotive domain.
Our mission is enabling a vehicle that is both connected and secured. Arilou is an industry leader and combines deep automotive industry knowledge and unique cyber security expertise. Arilou's proven technology prevents high end automotive cyber-attacks as well as monetary and reputation damage while enabling secure introduction of new technologies and connectivity into the vehicle.

Blitz Motors produces 100% electric vehicles, independent of rising fuel prices and free from high maintenance costs. Blitz Motors’ strategy
is to source top quality electric parts all around the world from expert suppliers and assemble them in its factory to create strong, powerful
and stunning 100% electric vehicles at affordable prices. The companies’ main values are service and quality.“EVERY PERSON OWNING TODAY A VEHICLE IS A POTENTIAL CLIENT FOR BLITZ MOTORS TOMORROW”

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CarrasoMotors will present the Renault Twizy-

The Renault Twizy is a battery-powered two-passenger electric vehicle designed and marketed by Renault and manufactured entirely in Valladolid, Spain.[1][2] Legally classified in Europe as a heavy quadricycle (light quadricycle for the lower-powered Urban 45 model), the Twizy has a maximum range of 100 km (62 mi).

City Transformer is a two-seater light electric car (quadricycle) that has the ability to fold into the parking space of a motorcycle while maintaining a high safety factor for the passengers.

HopOn was established in Israel in 2012 and has developed a unique, low cost solution that can be integrated with public transport operators fast and easily.
Our system is secured, simple to use with a one button click solution. Using the ultrasonic HopOn Beacon, our patent pending innovative system offers the operator and the passenger the best experience in public transport ticketing.

The HopOn system is already in use with more than 7 public transport operators in Israel installed on a total of more than 2,000 vehicles, including buses, BRT, LRT and bike rental stations.

MobiWize is an innovative company specialized in automotive, mapping, telematics, data mining, signal analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

ALGOLiON is developing algorithms for lithium ion batteries to enable producers of electric vehicles and other electronic products solve the problem of cells developing fires with our active protocols that detect safety degradation days earlier and with 100 times the sensitivity than any other diagnostic method.

FanZone maximizes your matchday experience and enhances your way to global events while reducing your travel costs.

With FanZone for iOS and Android you can see who else is coming, share a ride or join one, compete against other fans and get special offers and benefits – all in one place.

★ Share the excitement with other fans – see who’s coming and chat with friends and other fans.

★ Choose who to ride with and reduce your travel costs – enjoy a virtual Grand Central Station for fans.

★ Compete against other fans in the quiz, enjoy the videos from previous events and more.

★ Get exclusive offers and special matchday benefits.

★ Help bring more fans - Invite your friends and nearby fans to join.

Hi-Park's patent-pending solution is a smartphone application that runs in the background, capturing video from the rear camera of the smartphone that is fastened to any standard hands-free holding device. Using a cutting edge computer vision algorithm, the smartphone identifies empty parking spaces as the car heads towards its destination. The vacant parking GPS data is sent to a central server, where it is then distributed to all other Hi-Park users to enable them to find vacant parking spaces based on their need, their distance from the parking areas and historical occupancy data.

TreGo transform any bicycle into a multiple purpose tricycles, simply by replacing the front wheel.
TreGo can have different “add-ons” like rucksack, child seat, racks, boxes, cases, lights and so on.
one simple action to connect\disconnect TreGo to the bicycle.
TreGo can function as a trolley or a stroller after disconnecting from the bicycles to continue carrying the goods indoor.
TreGo can have electric assistants, and convert regular bicycle into electric tricycle.
TreGo allows easy return to original form of the bicycles any time, no tools needed.

GreenOn strives to be the global leader in automatic transportation recognition. Through our recognition technology, users will be rewarded when traveling in all modes of eco-friendly transport, without taking their phone out of their pockets. This allows businesses, governments and organizations unique ways of incentivizing people to travel smarter and more sustainably, while obtaining valuable data on users transportation habits.

Our goal has always been freedom.

We have created revolutionary technology that takes the ordinary and transforms it into the extraordinary.

The AcrobatTM wheel is meticulously engineered to provide an unparalleled user experience.

Such freedom could only be achieved by reinventing the wheel. 

Zero Motorcycles is the next step in motorcycle evolution. By combining the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle with today’s most advanced technology, Zero produces high performance electric motorcycles that are lightweight, efficient, fast off the line and fun to ride. Each motorcycle is optimized from the ground up to leverage the revolutionary Z-Force™ electric powertrain and uses a specially designed rigid, aircraft-grade aluminum frame to minimize weight.

Kef Tech, LLC is a small business based in Camas, Washington, USA dedicated to designing Energy Efficient Alternative Transportation Products.  The company was founded in 2004, when ILAN SABAR, a 30 year old Stanford educated Mechanical Engineer, quit his corporate job at Hewlett-Packard to pursue his dream of developing high-end personal electric vehicles. Our flagship product is the Metroboard Electric Skateboard (metro-board.com)

Ilan made Aliyah in 2012 and now manages the Metroboard business remotely.

Engie develops a system that will disrupt the automotive repair & services market. One side of the system is a smartphone application that connects to the car computer and tracks the car condition. When a malfunction occurs the app will diagnose the malfunction, the severity and what the driver should do (in many cases the driver can keep on driving with the malfunction .(The other side of the system will collect real time bids from mechanics nearby. All information will be shown to the driver in real time, which will in fact shift back the power back to the consumer.

TurboGEN venture is currently developing a Range Extender for Electrical Vehicle based on Micro Turbine Generator. Our product allowed getting a car with electric vehicle's performances, conventional vehicle's days usability and hybrid vehicle's reasonable price.

Autotalks chipset is the only automotive production-grade ready V2X solution in the market.
Solution is provided with a complete production-grade software, a series-production reference design and testing tools.

Autotalks provides end-to-end support on V2X car architecture, from system level to hardware design and software integration level.

Autotalks can develop A and B-sample prototypes, including hardware and software, customized to OEM’s requirements, internally or in partnership with lead Tier1s.


YOSSIKNOWS connects you to a parking spot. 

YOSSIKNOWS solution is based on smart sensor which is installed under every parking spot.

While others only predict the closest parking spot - we guarantee the correct information.

While others asks the driver to do weird things - we ask for simple user behavior.

YOSSIKNOWS, because only Yossi Knows

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