In an era of connectivity and BYOD, businesses struggle to engage and up-sale their customers stay.

Routier uses this opportunity to increase engagement & drive revenues over Wi-Fi networks for businesses (transportation\aviation\municipalities\retail venues\hotels\universities teleco's etc.)

Our platform enables businesses to provide services or targeted promotions and interact with their customers, 

on their own devices, through our patent-pending solution, which creates an overlay on top of any webpage, browser and device, giving users an app-like experience free of any app installation!


Capital Nature - The gateway to Israel's Green Energy Innovation

Capital Nature is a leading investment firm focused on incubating, funding and accelerating early stage ventures, as well as academic research in the emerging Green Energy in Israel. Green energy includes innovative technologies in Renewable Energy generation and management, Smart Cities and Electric Transportation, Fuel Alternatives, Smart Grid, Energy Storage, Cleanweb.

Argus Automotive Cyber Security develops solutions for vehicles that enable advanced connectivity features while protecting vehicles from being Hacked.

CG-Smartech provides Innovation, Strategy, Business Development and R&D consulting mainly in the following arena:  

- Material Engineering.

- FIA (Failure Analysis).

- ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems).

- M2M (Machine to Machine) Systems.

- IoT (Internet of Things).

- Organization end to end processes and operations analysis/planning.

- H2020 Program (ICT, Transportation, Energy, and Information Management).


Meet us at the competition launch event in ISRAEL during ECOMOTION  27.4.2015


Master Galileo Competition 2015 – OPEN for SUBMISSION

ESNC - the largest innovation network in global satellite navigation systems (GNSS) rewards the best services, products, and business ideas that use satellite navigation in everyday life


ISERD invites Israeli participants to submit ideas for new GNSS

location-based applications

Many of the winning ideas are implemented today in the market

Winners will gain national and European exposure, access to investors, partners and end users

Registration is open NOW and until June 30th ,2015

For online registration:

A joint committee:  ISERD, the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) of the Ministry of Economy, and Israel Space Agency (ISA) will choose Israel's winning proposal.

An international panel will choose the overall winners in various categories

The Israeli winner will be invited by ISERD to take part in the European award ceremony

in October 2015

For further information:


03-5118181| |  Odelia Torteman


BrightWay Vision develops new, groundbreaking vision technology for vehicles, which provides the driver with a safer and easier driving experience. This technology, combined with active safety systems, reduces the risk of car accidents and saves lives. We are currently developing an advanced day and night-time system for forward-facing driver assistance functions, based on an active gated-imaging technology named BrightEyeTM

H2You will become a global supplier of clean hydrogen energy, and provide electric power solutions for various applications. We have developed and patented an original process that efficiently generates hydrogen on-demand by simply applying water to aluminum powder at room temperature. Combining our hydrogen with fuel cells provides high specific electric energy, up to 7 times greater than the best batteries used today. H2You technology provides an efficient and environment friendly solution for electric power needs of various markets. Examples are: combined heat power systems for homes, offices and industry, backup and auxiliary power for telecom stations, data centers, commercial airplanes, trucks, and trains, and main power for automotive, unmanned aerial and marine vehicles. 

Our company focuses on developing intelligent solutions and turning them into high-tech products. Development solutions done in conjunction with a winning Academy. To this end, We joined the Technion in Haifa institution whose name is renowned. Our developments are focused on life-saving products. Our solutions are created with careful thought, originality creativity and innovation and a wide range of advanced technologies, Welcome to the world of innovation.

Chief Scientist and Senior manager, Oil replacements-Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources

The Chief Scientist Office (CSO), in the Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources is responsible for providing scientific and technological support to policy makers. The CSO endeavors to collect, investigate and incorporate current technical and economic information pertinent to all ministerial work. It encourages the development of know-how and expertise in relevant fields by promoting R&D activities in Israeli academia and industry and through international cooperation.

Optima Design Automation provides the automotive chip industry with tools and solutions to solve soft-errors, hard-errors and other radiation effects problems in automotive chips to meet the ISO-26262 standard. A chip responsible for critical systems in cars (like drive-by-wire) can simply stop working due to radiation from outer space. ere

The application, Tbus, finds matches of people who wish to come from the same area of departure to the same area of arrival at approximately the same time, and put them at a share taxi to their destination. The default of Tbus is four passengers for a taxi, so the price for the passengers is close to the price of a bus ticket. This is while the speed of arrival and the convenience are close to a taxi service. 


Many of today’s inner-city transit problems, such as pollution and congestion, can be reduced by smart transport decision making. That is why we created AlterNative, an urban navigation app which helps users make conscious transportation choices based on their preferences. With AlterNative’s simple interface, users can choose whether they want to get around the city faster, cheaper, while burning the most calories or while emitting the least pollutants.

EZ-Life is an e-bike-based Green-Mobility initiative. We specialize in building Corporate Cycling Policies for the corporate market, as well as to other vertical markets, such as Real Estate (both residential and commercial), hotel & tourism, campuses (academic and industrial), automobile, etc.We work with corporate management on building, implementing & managing Corporate Cycling Policies.

In CityGraph Access Ltd, we have developed a decision making tool for public transportation key stakeholders, CTgraph, that allows:


§   Urban mobility analysis & comparison in building resolution for the whole Metropolitan

§  Planners can make very fine optimization, allowing for small changes in routes, bus stops locations and time tables  on a meticulous examination of every possible alternative

§  Running alternative routes and simulate their impact on various accessibility indexes

§  Origin - Destination high resolution analysis and demands forecast


La'Zooz is building a peer-to-peer smart transportation network, a ride sharing app that will enable people to share existing abundance (empty seats) for the benefit of all. Reducing ride costs and eventually reducing traffic. For transportation networks to be functional a critical mass of users is needed. Lazooz will motivate users and contributors to join by introducing a new cryptocoin - “zooz” - the new transportation coin. All efforts helping to add users and achieve critical mass will be rewarded by zooz. Early adopters can mine zooz as they ride with a running application, application promoters will mine zooz as they add new users to the network. Developers will be rewarded with zooz tokens by the contributors community. The Zooz coin will be used to pay for rides and thus will have a real world value at the operational phase. 

iRideShare developed a ride-sharing application which delivers a unique ability to avoid the dangers and uncertainty of open-to-the-public ride-sharing. Only your invited guests will be able to give and receive rides to your events.

i4drive enhances driver safety and driving experience by exploiting the smartphone capabilities and turning it from a distraction into a powerful driver assistant. i4drive analyzes safety levels and operates the phone accordingly thus helping the driver in avoiding dangerous situations. In addition it provides the driver real time warnings, assistance & automation, advanced telemetry and driver-to-driver communication in emergency events.

DriveUp is a mobile app that rewards drivers for safe behavior on the road. Just like loyalty programs reward customer purchases with points or air-miles, we give points for improving and sustaining safe driving habits. Fleet operators, or any other organizations interested in promoting safe driving, can convert our points system into monetary rewards or other perks for drivers. But our system doesn't stop at just giving benefits. We use an innovative implementation of social incentives based on theories in behavioral economics and social network analysis, to create a peer-pressure effect that encourages drivers to earn more points by better driving.

Shabus is a shared transportation system, connecting Jerusalemites to entertainment centers on weekends. Shabus is an initiative of the Cooperative Transportation Association of Jerusalem. The Association is a cooperative – an organization composed of members who wish to share rides on weekends, at affordable rates. Shabus will operate with a set timetable and route. This is a novel kind of transportation: community based and cooperative. Together, we will provide transport solutions for our community needs.

Eyeways systems Ltd. Developed the EyeWhere app - a personal indoor assistant application, enables easy navigation and orientation in large venues, even where GPS is unavailable, such as train stations, shopping malls, airports etc.

Using Augmented Reality interface, navigation in large venues become easy, and even a fun task.

EyeWhere app uses  patent-pending technology to identify a specific

location using only visual information, and to provide accurate position of the visitor and the objects surrounded him. 

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Safe distance offers the change to meter/second units.
Meter/second units gives you a known information in every driving second.
This way, the driver understands the distance he passes in every second.
Understanding the distance and knowing the result will lead to better thinking and awareness along with preventing steps and reducing destructing acts like cellular usage etc.
In addition, the new driving habits will lead to reducing fuel consumption and air pollution.

Spaceek is developing an innovative IoT parking solution for the Smart City which eliminates the need to search for parking.

The unique patent pending technology enables a solution which covers large areas by combining advantages of the Internet of Things and the power of the crowd. 

• Accurately directs drivers to parking in real-time
• Quickly and easily deploys with the lowest total cost of ownership
• Supplies Smart City parking management, data and insights


NXTdrive is a startup company that develops a new, innovative driving interface that enables users to transform their driving time into a more productive, efficient and pleasant experience. The Israeli driver spends between 0.5 to 2 hours driving every day! When spending so much time on the road, we find ourselves disconnected. NXT is about driving in a connected digital world. The solution includes hardware – micro console (controller) that is attached to the car steering wheel and a smartphone app. NXT Micro Console is operated by touch sense, utilizing patent pending touch language. Through the NXT Micro console, the user achieves full management of a mobile app that in turn controls the device, while both hands are on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. NXT turns any vehicle into a connected car offering drivers an array of utilities that complement their driving experience.

Bikestorming is a mobile app to grow urban cycling in cities around the world, created with the mission of making bicycles the main form of urban transportation on the planet by the year 2030. You will love it: it’s beautiful, engaging and inclusive. Maybe world-changing. It will be released soon for iOS in a handful of cities, and later to other mobile + wearable platforms.

Every wonder how to effectively engage with your community to share your start-up stories and values? Itzik, CEO of BOMAH (Brand of Milk & Honey), is a social media expert who specializes in storytelling. By implementing his new and unique strategy, you'll be sure to succeed  at creating a buzz, reaching out to new and larger audiences, and sharing your values with your community. Whether you are interested in applying this to your start-up, business, organization, or personal life, be sure to come and hear Itzik's yalla strategy. 

Dr. Ratner Future Robotics

Harnessing advanced robotics for safer and greener transportation systems

The talk will focus on using advanced autonomous robotics to shape a 3 layer (rail mobility-road mobility-personal mobility) proposed transportation system. The underlying idea is to use advanced robotics technologies to shape and integrate rail-road-urban solutions and link them to the green energy via the power grid - but doing so with minimum clash with the existing transportation systems.
We are talking on 3 levels:
- Robotic car level including range extender issues and safety issues.
- Robotic rail platform to move shipping containers or passengers with their robotic cars.
- Personal mobility devices which are part of the robotic car design.

Elkian was born in Karmiel at the Ort Brauda accelerator. Our goal is to save lives.We want to increase young passengers safety by encouraging children to fasten their seat belts by turning safety into fun.

VoltaNano is solving, through a breakthrough Carbon Nano Materials technology, the key market and technology pain points facing the $36B Lead Acid battery industry. By doing so it is creating a direct $2B/ annum market opportunity, dramatically reducing major warranties costs to Auto and Battery makers, slashing the huge global environmental footprint of the L.A industry, and advancing global objectives in emissions reduction, improved gas economy and uptake of renewable energy.

"Hanat" Service provides now-a-day an advanced concept and offers parking solutions for small Electric Based vehicle's owners (such as Electric Bikes, Etc.) Now you can park your vehicles in a safe and secured place even in public areas, and you also have the ability to re-charge your Electric's Vehicle battery meanwhile.

By using the "Hanat" solution, were positive that the "clean/green energy" vehicles usages will increase.

For transportation services, surprises – especially concerning equipment failure – are unwelcome. Visual Process is leveraging on the wealth of data available through the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to surface early operation abnormalities that may relate to cyber, maintenance or other causes, and allow the transportation operator take corrective action long before an actual catastrophe takes place.

Rail safe is a startup company, dedicated to the field of train safety, specializes in automated early warning systems of obstacles, enabling the driver react to the track condition.

Rail Safe electro-optic sensor is mounted on the train locomotive and producing high resolution image from up to 2 km distance (much larger than 1.5 km trains maximal  breaking distance). The image is not restricted to daylight and atmospheric conditions and works at night and in fog or dust. Sophisticated image processing algorithm analyses the scene, identify any obstacle which poses a threat and alerts the driver and the control center.

Polly will find you big city parking spot. Whether on the street or in a parking lot, it will always save you time, money and unnecessary frustration. Polly will lead you via a customized route near your destination where the probability of finding an on-street-parking is high. Didn’t find a parking spot? – No big deal – your route will always end up at the pre-chosen parking lot. Polly knows all the streets, special parking spots and street parking signs thanks to a unique algorithm that uses data and magical fairy intuition.

Bike & Park is an automatic parking & charging facility for e-bicycle, enabling its users secure parking and electricity charging spots.

Bike & Park vision aims to improve the urban environment in terms of air/emission & noise pollution, traffic congestion, extending the use-range and position the e-bicycle as a leading urban mobility solution.

SolarPaint - Turn any surface into an environment friendly solar panel - simply, cheaply, and aesthetically.

SolarPaint is a disruptive 3rd generation solar cell technology. The paint absorbs solar radiation and converts 

it to electricity for application on any outdoor real-estate or infrastructure (e.g. walls, roofs, roads).

SolarPaint transforms land-use, integrating existing or new properties into the fabric of the smart cities of the 

future, so that the technology will significantly contribute to both the renewable energy mix and functionality 

of the built environment

We produce electrical energy in a car, while it moves without burning extra gas by taking the

gravitational force into our advantage.  We implement piezoelectric materials in various

movable parts in the car, such as shock observers and wheels. Our main innovation is based

on a smart and patentable mechanical design, which significantly magnifies the piezoelectric

ability to produce electrical energy, as compared to current solutions. The produced energy

can be used for charging a battery in hybrid and electrical cars or to replace the alternator in

a regular car.

iOnRoad™ improves driving in real-time using the power of modern computer vision algorithms and smart-phone cameras. The iOnRoad Android and iOS Apps provides a range of personal driving assistance functions including augmented driving, collision warning and “black-box” like video recording and have generated close to a million downloads. iOnRoad’s innovation and market leadership has been validated by numerous industry awards including the 2012 CTIA E-Tech Award, CES 2012 showcase award, and one of Gartner’s cool vendors in automotive for 2012.

Green Ride's Digital Scooter is the first Personal Electric Vehicle that matches luxury car standards in design, comfort and performance.

The INUTM innovates automotive engineering from the ground up, looks stunning both on the street and in a chic living room, and features ultimate portability with a robotic automated folding system. On board GSM, BT and WiFi offer entertainment, maintenance, security and sustained social connectivity.

High efficiency CVT gear (continues Variable Transmission) for automotive and bike.

the system based on a new technology and improve the performance and energy consumption.

the company has a working model for bicycle. 

Safe Lane was founded as a result of personal losses experienced by its founders, caused by violent driving behavior. Our Mission is to improve the effectiveness of police enforcement of traffic regulations through a user friendly application that will allow effective crowd-sourced civil enforcement. Our goal: Deter drivers from violating traffic regulations worldwide.

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