Güil Mobility Ventures

We're a company builder and CVC within the Automotive Kaufmann Group, which is the dealer for Daimler Mercedes-Benz for Chile, Perú, Panamá, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We offer investment and/or co-development partnerships to land your business in Latin America.
Our program considers a total of us500k investment, divided into 9 months for "MVP and Product-market-fit", plus 9-11 months for "Scalable Development" phase


Kaufmann Group (Daimler Mercedes-Benz Chile, Perú and Central America)

Online Participation Option


Program Duration

up to 20 months per cohort, depending on level of maturity at entrance

Batches Per year


Acception Criteria

Solid product and validation in one market segment or geography; Willingness to conquer LatAm.

Taking Equity?

from 7% to 20% depending on maturity and level of co-development and integration with Güil's company building team

Includes Funding?

Up to us500k

Mobility Focus

Specializes in Mobility

Contact Information

Bruno Serrano

General Coordinator


Relevant Sectors





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