Ayalon Highways & EcoMotion invite you to apply for participating in the 1st ever

Adaptathon in Israel with implementation funded pilot




Do you have a product that can be adapted to the needs of Ayalon Highways?

Ayalon Highways challenges seeking your solution!


1st place will win a funded pilot!

Awards for the 3 winners!


Applications are open until 10am - 04/11/2018

Chosen Startups will be noticed by 07/11/2018

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Ayalon Highways aims to change the driving habits of road users in Israel and to increase the number of people in vehicles on the road, by creating and improving infrastructures, mass transit systems and shared transportation.


From now onwards, focusing on people and not on roads – Ensuring multimodal mobility solution from

Door 2 Door

To seek and implement advanced transportation solutions, in holistic and innovative thinking, a dedicated technological division was established. This division initiated the Adaptathon to promote technologies in the field of smart transportation and creation of green and sustainable transportation alternatives and their adoption on the roads in Israel.



Ayalon Vision


Traffic Control Systems


Urban Express


Company Activities



  • Only 10 finalists startups will be chosen to take part in the Adaptathon

  • The finalists work hands on for 2 days 27-28.11.2018 on their adapted demo & pitch

  • On Nov28th There will be pitching competition to a respected Jury of Ayalon Highways, MOT, Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative and the EcoMotion Team

  • Winner of 1st place will get a funded pilot and will be able to start working on implementation the next day!



Adaptathon is an "advanced hackathon" which instead of a marathon of hacking up new ideas, only 10 startups with a product of at least prototype maturity level (TRL 4 and up) are selected for adapting their existing product to the needs of a big mobility organization, in this case – Ayalon Highways.

Once chosen, the startups will start to work with experts from the company in order to adapt their products to the organization's needs, data, business models and so forth. The peak of the Adaptathon will concur during 2 days where all teams and mentors will work hands to finalize their demo & pitch that will be adapted to Ayalon Highways numbers, data, models relevant to their business units and processes that would work best for them, in front of a selected jury. A process that usually takes 8 months to a year and half is done in just 2 weeks!




Ayalon Highways & EcoMotion invite the Smart Transportation Startups to participate in this Adaptathon in order to solves the following challenges:



1) I-2-V Systems (Infrastructure to Vehicle)


Vehicle manufacturers develop vehicle communication with their environment, but to advance the future of smart transportation and manage it correctly, the infrastructure must understand its surroundings and everything that moves on it. Therefore, we have switched the concept and are looking for the implementation of dialog systems to be implemented in the infrastructure to communicate and monitor its environment (rather than the opposite). Such as labeling vehicles by type, passenger count, monitor speed, positioning, ect. Emphasis and advantage will be given to systems with a minimum whole life cycle cost.



2) 1st/Last Mile Solutions


Hubs and many terminals are under the responsibility of Ayalon highways, such as TLV Rail Stations (Savidor, Hashalom, University ect.) and more. The challenge is to complete mobility services with the 1st and last mile in order to encourage the shared / public transportation, and reducing the use of private cars.


3) Open for Innovation (surprise us!)


Do you have a product that you feel that must be implement in the activity of Ayalon Highways? A product that we did not think about and makes all the difference? We're open to suggestions!

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In order to deal with the challenges above, Ayalon Highways will endeavor to provide traffic information needed for the success of a demonstration of capabilities, eg, the number of vehicles passing on the roads under the responsibility of Ayalon Highways, the existing sensors on the roads, the number of passengers at the terminals and so forth.

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Need information not listed above? no problem!

Please fill in all the details and information you need in the application form

Details of the competition, who can participate, criteria for examining the proposals, prizes, etc. - appear in the terms and conditions 

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