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Aurora Labs

LVCC, North Hall, N250

Aurora Labs' Line-Of-Code BehaviorTM technology is the foundation of its In-Vehicle Software Management Solution. Using machine learning algorithms to uniquely address all four stages - detect, fix, update and validate- of an automotive software management solution.

Contact: rogero@auroralabs.com



51701, Sands Expo, Tech West

Our technology offers expanded and secured communication within the automotive, industrial and IoT ecosystems.

Contact: yaron@ciphersip.com

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51701 Sands Expo, Tech West

Sixdof Space has created an optical tracking approach offering long-awaited breakthroughs in speed/latency, accuracy and power.

Contact: mark@sixof.space



Wynn Encore Hotel, Tech West

Autotalks, the V2X market leader, offers the world’s first deployment-ready, 2nd generation global V2X (Vehicle to Everything) chipsets.The chipsets deliver the highest performance and reliability and are internationally compliant.

Contact: comemeetus@auto-talks.com

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Ready to meet

DriveU’s open connectivity platform enables teleoperations of self-driving cars using cellular bonding. We provide a high speed, low latency and very reliable link for 4k videos, audio streams, high speed data, and control channels.

Contact: rony@driveu.auto


SoftRide Technologies

Ready to meet

SoftRide develops low-cost and safe autonomy platforms for vehicles and machinery that drive in geofenced areas. SoftRide’s platform enables autonomy without any infrastructure changes and based on low-cost components - Today.

Contact: yonatanh@softride.tech



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Argus Cyber Security

Renaissance Hotel, Tech East

Argus, the global leader in automotive cyber security, provides the automotive industry multi- layered solutions and services to protect connected cars.

Contact: monique@argus-sec.com


C2A Security

9505, North Hall, LVCC, Tech East

C2A offers a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions for the automotive industry, providing in-vehicle end-to-end protection.

Contact: ronak@c2a-sec.com

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Karamba Security

5931, North Hall, LVCC, Tech East

Karamba Security's automotive-grade software detects and prevents cyberattacks on connected devices, automotive ECUs, Industry 4.0 controllers, enterprise edge devices, and IoT endpoints.

Contact: adili.shimoni@karambasecurity.com

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SafeRide Technologies

AGL Booth, Genivi Event

SafeRide Technologies is the provider of vSentryTM - the industry leading multi-layer cybersecurity solution for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Contact: gil@saferide.io

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Arliou Automotive Cyber

Wynn Hotel, Tech West

Israel-based Arilou, part of NNG Group, is the leading provider of pioneering cyber-security solutions for the automotive industry, and the first company to introduce CAN and Ethernet in- vehicle network security.

Contact: ziv.levi@nng.com

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669, Westgate Hospitality Suites

GuardKnox provides optimized and cybersecure high-performance computing platforms to not only ensure security and safety, but serve as the foundational layer for added services.

Contact: courtney.mann@guardknox. com

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Regulus Cyber

1312,Westgate, Tech East

Regulus is the software leader for smart sensor security and provides revolutionary tools to defend against GNSS/GPS spoofing attacks for automotive, aviation and various other applications.

Contact: roi@regulus.com

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Upstream Security

MP25364, South Halls, LVCC, Tech East

Upstream Security provided the first cyber security solution designed for Smart Mobility and is the first and only solution for securing the connected car with a 100% agent-less and cloud- based platform.

Contact: dan@upstream.auto





2416, Westgate, Tech East,

Ception solution is an innovative, multi-layered system for precise localization, based on advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms.

Contact: noa.tamir@ception.ai





Westgate, Hospitality Suites

AdaSky leads the FIR revolution by bringing a high-resolution thermal sensor to the automotive market, enabling autonomous vehicles to see better and understand more.

Contact: ilanit.e@adasky.com


Bright Way Vision

51701, Tech West, Sands Expo

BWV provides the best vision solution for night time and bad weather conditions, enabling night vision for drivers, state of the art ADAS and autonomous driving in these limiting situations.

Contact: ayelet.setter@bw-vision.com

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Samsung Suite, Encore Hotel

Our broad range of technologies, including novel optics, micro-mechanics, computational photography and AI, have shipped in millions of devices to-date, and is now leveraged for innovative automotive camera systems. 

Contact: eran.briman@samsung.com

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Eye-Net Mobile 

1307, Westgate, Tech East

Eye-Net Mobile is a technology company, engaged in designing and developing cellular- based V2X (vehicle-to-everything) accident prevention solutions.

Contact: dror@eyenet-mobile.com


Guardian Optical Technologies

6738, North Hall, LVCC, Tech East

Guardian sensor provides rich data regarding ALL occupants in the vehicle. This cuts costs by replacing an array of physical sensors and enables features like: Fleet management and many more.

Contact: gil@guardian-optech.com


Jungo Connectivity 

 North Hall, Tech East

Jungo’s CoDriver – in-cabin driver monitoring solution – enables automakers to create safer cars today, and transition into autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.

Contact: ophir@jungo.com

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7506, LVCC, Tech East

MobilEye is a global leader in the development of vision and data analysis for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and autonomous driving.

Contact: TBC

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Opsys Tech

28110, Westgate, Tech East

Opsys unique Pure Solid State scanning LIDAR enables ultra-high resolution, long range and fast scanning across the full FOV.

Contact: guy.gertel@opsys-tech.com



51701, Tech West, Sands Expo

TriEye is a semiconductor company solving the low visibility challenge for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicles (AV).

Contact: nitzan@trieye.tech



53160, Sands Expo, Tech West

Viziblezone develops a software-based car/pedestrian accident prevention system, by utilizing pedestrians’ mobile phones facilities.

Contact: shmulik@vizible.zone



Courtyard by Marriott LVCC,
Tech East

Arbe’s ultra sensitive 4D imaging radar differentiates threats from false alarms in real- time, providing drivers, passengers and autonomous vehicles unparalleled freedom through unprecedented road safety.

Contact: shlomit.h@arberobotics.com



# 41118, SMK booth Sands Expo

Caaresys develops non-contact passenger monitoring system based on RF technology (not a camera) and makes vehicle cabin safer. 

Contact: ilya@caaresys.com



51701, Tech West, Sands Expo

Edgybees brings full visibility and understanding to any dynamic scenes by creating collaborative virtual worlds of any complex environment with Augmented Real-time Intelligence.

Contact: TBC

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1307, Westgate, Tech East

Foresight Automotive designs and develops stereo/quad-camera vision systems for the automotive industry, providing outstanding detection capabilities in all weather and lighting conditions.

Contact: yeela@foresightauto.com

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1315, Westgate, Tech East

 Our commercially available, solid-state LiDAR sensors and perception software enable autonomous vehicles to understand and navigate their surroundings with unparalleled vision and at a price-point unrivaled in the industry.

Contact: efrat.rotemilavi@innoviz-tech.com



 North Hall, Tech East

Science driven AI algorithms translating physiological data to human emotions.

Contact: Maayan@elegantmonkeys.com

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50675, Tech West, Sands Expo

Neteera utilizes the sub-THz region of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a key enabler for the burgeoning contact-free sensing market, facilitating previously unimaginable detection capabilities.

Contact: jason.rudd@neteera.com


Tactile Mobility

Ready to meet

Using SW only and based on data from multiple, non-visual, existing sensors we model vehicle- road dynamics (such as Available Grip Level) to make Smart and Autonomous Vehicles better drive.

Contact: eitan.grosbard@tactilemobility.com

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41161, Sands Expo, Tech West

Vayyar has developed the world's most advanced 3D imaging sensor. The sensors can see THROUGH objects, and track everything happening around you in real-time without a camera.

Contact: collaboration@vayyar.com



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9503, NorthHall, LVCC, Tech East

Brodmann17 provides next-generation perception software for ADAS and AD solutions that are smarter, more efficient and ready for the mass market.

Contact: keren@brodmann17.com

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8432, Westgate, Central Tower

Foretellix develops a verification platform that allows to orchestrate and monitor millions of driving scenarios, allowing broad deployment in AV's.

Contact: keren.ro@foretellix.com

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Valeo Booth, LVCC, Tech East

Moodify develops unique active scents that enable people to improve their performance, enhance their well being and increase their safety.

Contact: orly@moodify.today

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Eyesight Technologies

9017, LVCC North Hall, Tech East

Eyesight Technologies is a leading provider of driver and occupancy monitoring systems for OEMs, Tier 1s and fleets. Using computer vision AI for safer and smarter cars. (Driver Sense – DMS, Cabin Sense – OMS, Fleet Sense – DMS for fleets)

Contact: liat.rostock@eyesight-tech.com

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9500, North Hall, LVCC, Tech East

MDGo is the bridge between automotive and healthcare, helping OEMs to be at their best when their customers need it the most.

Contact: shahar@mdgo.io

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#316, Westgate, Hospitality Suites

Ottopia is providing a teleoperation platform for any type of vehicle fleet. Our expertise is in vehicle safety, cyber-security and data compression.

Contact: alanj@ottopia.tech



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51701, Sands Expo, Tech West

Allegro AIi is a deep learning computer vision (CV) and perception company that enables customers to deploy best-of-breed CV solutions.

Contact: ces2020@allegro.ai

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2310, Westgate, Hospitality Suites

Hailo, an AI-focused Israeli-based startup, has developed a specialized deep learning processor that delivers the performance of a data centre- class computer to edge devices.

Contact: hadarz@hailo.ai

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3116, North Hall, LVCC, Tech East

UVeye's AI-based technology enables customers to automatically detect and identify anomalies, modifications or foreign objects from all sides of any vehicle.

Contact: sharon.a@uveye.com



8132, North Hall, LVCC, Tech East

Cognata is a leading global autonomous vehicle simulation provider, working with some of the largest autonomous vehicle manufacturers and partners in the world.

Contact: ella@cognata.com



Ready to meet, Delano Suites

The Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform fuels a network of 15 OEMs and more than 100 service providers. Our neutral platform securely ingests more than 2 billion data points per day from over 18 million global connected vehicles.

Contact: patrick@otonomo.io



Ready to meet

Leading Environmental Perception solution based on raw data fusion with up-sampling, AI and computer vision for safer and reliable autonomous driving

Contact: Ronny@vayavision.com



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#45726, Tech West, Sands Expo

Binah.ai offers ready-to-use, remote or on- premise contactless, AI-powered Digital Healthcare applications.

Contact: sam.friedman@binah.ai

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Ready to meet

ClimaCell is a weather technology company that derives business insights from weather nobody else can see, thanks to unique hypersensing technologies developed in-house.

Contact: yuval@climacell.co

Hi Auto.png

Hi Auto

51701, Tech West, Sands Expo

Hi Auto solution uses a deep learning algorithm that clearly separates speakers and removes any noise. What Dolby has done for music and movies, “Hi Auto” is doing for the human voice.

Contact: matan@hi.auto

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Intuition Robotics

Venetian Palazzo, Tech West

AutoQ, the company’s in-cabin digital companion, utilizes a car’s design with its existing technologies and interfaces to create a differentiated and comprehensive user experience.

Contact: dafna@intuitionrobotics.com



43146, Tech West, Sands Expo

Watergen is an award-winning developer of Water-from-air solutions. Our ground-breaking technology delivers cost efficient and reliable solution.

Contact: shlomith@watergen.com

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44143, Sands Expo, Tech West

BreezoMeter, the world leader in location-based, real-time air quality, pollen, and fire data, addresses air pollution in a way that can help billions of people worldwide improve their health

Contact: martinm@breezometer.com

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1129, Westgate, Tech East

Gauzy is a technology company and a leading vendor of material science and nanotechnology, currently focused on the development, manufacturing, and marketing of LCG(r) light control technologies.

Contact: brittany@gauzy.com

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402, Westgate, Tech East

NanoScent developed a platform for scent recognition that is used by industrial plants, where there is a great need to prevent leaks that could cause environmental disasters.

Contact: lyuba@nanoscentlabs.com

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9005, North Hall, LVCC, Tech East

Valens automotive brings resilient ultra-high speed in-vehicle connectivity, driving the future of the automotive industry.

Contact: daniel.adler@valens.com