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2414, West Gate, Tech East

Addionics provides specialised improved rechargeable batteries by redesigning their architecture.

Contact: moshiel@addionics.com


Powermat Technology

Wireless Power Consortium, LVCC, South Hall 3 Lobby - SL-2

Developing innovative wireless charging reference designs, customized to customer's needs, from 0.5W to 60W for consumer electronics, Automotive and smart devices, 5G communication, Laptops/notebooks wireless charging, a world without cables.

Contact: Ronen.Diamant@Powermat.com

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51701, Sands Expo, Tech West

Chakratec has developed a unique kinetic energy storage technology, which enables unlimited high power charge and discharge cycles. Utilizing our proprietary Kinetic Power Booster technology.

Contact: daniel.raanani@chakratec.com



Ready to meet

We are developing ground-breaking materials based on a unique methodology that integrates nanotechnology with novel organic compounds. With a strong team of world-class researches, we dramatically improve the value proposition for a range of devices

Contact: erezl@store-dot.com

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