Challenge 2015

The EcoMotion Challenge competition is now accepting submissions! Think of an innovative idea to reduce the use of oil in transportation or to decrease traffic congestion in cities and metropolitan areas. Win up to NIS 15,000!


EcoMotion is proud to announce a double challenge with two tracks in the field of Smart Transportation! The selected ideas will present at the 2015 EcoMotion Main Event.


  • Students Track: Finding solutions to reduce reliance on oil in transportation (only for students from all schools in Israel and abroad).

  • City Track: Finding solutions to reduce traffic congestion in cities and metropolitan areas (open for the public).


For the competition, teams can consist of 1-4 individuals. Teams participating in the Student Track are permitted to simultaneously submit their ideas to both the Student and City track at the same time.


In the preliminary stage, all ideas will be submitted to the EcoMotion web site and reviewed by a panel of professional judges selected by the Steering Committee of EcoMotion.


In the second stage, the 10 best ideas (5 from each track) will be chosen and presented by the teams at EcoMotion's Main Event which will take place in Tel Aviv on April 27th, 2015. All 10 teams will receive a free ticket to the Main Event.


Finals: The 10 teams will present in front of a panel of judges during the Main Event, and will be scored according to several parameters: innovation, impact on the world, and economic feasibility. The group that receives the highest score in each section will be declared winner and will receive NIS 15,000 in cash. An additional NIS 5,000 will be distributed by the judgment decision.


City Track

Any Idea related to a variety of disciplines that may help reduce traffic congestion in the city, reduce pollution and/or help re-route urban traffic centers.


Possible Areas of Study:

  • Cutting-edge ideas are accepted in many fields of study, including economics, science, engineering, computers, design, technology, sociology, psychology, etc., as long as the idea is proven to be relevant and related to the said field. 

  • Solutions can relate to:

  • Energy-efficient vehicles, transportation apps, parking solutions, urban management, social networking, car-pooling, encouraging public transport, reducing pollutants, measuring air pollution etc.


Student Track

During the competition, teams or individuals will present creative and feasible ideas/models that demonstrate the ability to replace or reduce the use of oil in transportation.


Possible Areas of Study:

  • Cutting-edge ideas are accepted in many fields of study, including economics, science, engineering, computers, design, technology, sociology, psychology, etc., as long as the idea is proven to be relevant and related to the said field. 

  • Solutions can relate to:

  • Different types of transportation should be considered, such as boating, aircraft, cars, motorcycles, space etc. Various alternatives to sustainable solutions may include carbon storage, sources of biomass, waste, solar, wind, economic models, behavioral change, international agreements, aerodynamics, new transport vehicles and more. Be creative!


So, what do you have to do at each stage?


At first, you'll have to sit down and plan your idea. The projects throughout the process will be measured by three key parameters:


Innovation (what is innovative, new, original and creative in your project ?)

Effect (In what way can your idea change the environment/world ?)

Feasibility (how likely is it to be successfully implemented ?)


Each of the three categories will be scored by the judges and will receive a score between 1-10 points. For example, an idea that will ​​receive a score of 10 in each of the parameters will win 30 points in total. Keep in mind, a very innovative idea that has the potential to make a big impact on the world but has little to no chance of successful implementation (due to financial, political, social or other aspects) may score only 10-20 points in total.


Ten teams with the highest scores, five from each track, will be in the finals.

Please note, you can submit for both tracks, as long as your idea fits the conditions (if you are a student and your solution is related to urban transportation).


After you have brainstormed a relevant idea, fill in the registration form, found above, and select your track. You will have to address several issues:


1. General description of your idea

2. Description of the problem your idea proposes to solve

3. If you are selected for the finals, what could you realistically present at the conference in May?

4. What is innovative in your idea?

5. What effect will it have on the world?

6. Feasibility - how realistic is your idea?


You can add: data such as market size, competitors, currently proposed solutions to solve similar problems, databases that you can use, charts etc.


Your original ideas will be kept confidential and protected by our organization. We will be happy to help you develop your ideas and help bring them to fruition.

Winners do not have to use the prize money to realize their idea. 


You can submit your idea up until 03/26/2015 at midnight. The announcement of the finalists will be on 03/29/2015


In the Picture: EcoMotion Challenge 2014 Winners (students only)


First place: NIS 20,000- Ayelet Fishman, a graduate student in the mobility design department at the Academy of Art Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. She has a BA in Industrial Design from Bezalel and won the competition after she demonstrated how an urban logistics system could transport goods and reduce over ten percent of the amount of travel in the city.


Second place: NIS 10,000- Shani Elitzur, a doctoral student at the Technion Faculty of Aoirontika, presented a prototype system for storing energy produced by aluminum powder with an innovative hydrogen technology.


Third place: NIS 5,000- Boris Svarzv and Danny Gelman, who introduced the idea of AlaIStor, a revolutionary metal air battery which uses aluminum as fuel and charges by electricity. The system uses a unique electrolyte.

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