Throughout the event, an exhibition of various companies and products will be held. One might call it a "Show of Strength" of the local transportation-innovation industry.


Arilou is a cyber security company developing Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems (IDS/IPS) for vehicles.
Our proven technology is able to monitor vehicles' communication, and detect attacks on the vehicles' systems.
A platform around live events focusing on transportation & location-based services. Fanzone’s online platform for event organizers allows attendees to plan their journey to music concerts and sports events, by offering various physical services and transport solutions. On event day, Fanzone operates as a virtual transport hub, and closes the cycle offline with hands-on management of the organized buses to the event and back, taxi sharing features and car sharing capabilities.
Student project of full development of a Formula Student Electric race car. The 2016 model is under development with the 2015 model up and running. We are currently looking for supporters and co-operators for future developments in the e.v. field.
Parklife turns navigating more accurate by adding estimated time of parking (ETP) to the estimated time of arrival (ETA).
* Parklife supply a route which maximizes the likelihood of finding the closest and cheapest vacant parking.
* Based on unique IP (developed in Tel Aviv university by the cofounders), PATENT PENDING US & GERMANY.
* Statistical models and available GIS data with machine learning technology.
WonderVoice helps people interact with services/apps in an eyes/hands free environment.
The WonderVoice core tech is all about interacting with unpredictable content such as social networks (Facebook, Twitter,etc), messaging & music services (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) by automatically adapting/personalising the speech UI to specific user’s content and context in real time.
The WonderVoice app allows its users to get in to their car and catch up on their favourite social network news (Facebook / T
k Park introduces the Internet of Things (IoT) to the parking industry - an industry with an annually overturn of 30 Billion Euro in the EU alone.
Our technology enables to turn every privately own parking spot into a monitored, manageable and revenue generating real-estate. Being it a public parking lot, parking at office buildings or even a single parking spot in a residential building – we got a simple and cost effective solutions that enable parking owners to rent their parking spots on hour
RadGreen provides unique, innovative, and cost effective environmental detecting and monitoring solutions that make life safer and easier for executives and office holders by continuously monitoring hazards' presence in the environment and by providing detailed and ongoing diagnostic.
ELF (Extra Low Frequency) radiation from transformers and high voltage wire, RF & Wi-Fi Radiation, Noise and Air pollution monitoring equipment is very expensive today. Due to RadGreen's proprietary technologica
Karpoolz provides a unique solution to the time consuming carpooling activity.
Parents use carpools to reduce the time and load of driving kids to school and extra-curricular activities. Carpooling kids is great and used by 64% of the US parents, but it comes with a logistic price: an endless chore with infinite communication and hassle, sometimes overshadow the benefits.

A simple table displays updated drive details (who, when, where) at a glance
A schedule is automatically set according to
GreenQ brings smart online management to any existing urban waste pickup service.
A major part of the municipality budget is allocated for waste pickup and disposal. For example, the annual expenditure of waste pickup and disposal in a small country like Israel is about 1 billion USD.
As of today, the municipality has zero visibility into real time issues that occur during the process. In addition, as any unmonitored system, the current waste pickup procedure is not optimal.
Until today you could have drive through the city with a bus, a taxi or a private car. The first option is cheap but slow, the second and the last are much more expensive. There is a big gap between the alternatives and no good alternative in the middle.
Tbus connect four passengers with similar routs to a shared taxi. The passengers split the fee to four and enjoy fast ride, almost as fast as a taxi, while paying cheap price, approximately the fee of a bus ticket.
land surfer
"HopOn is a mobile platform which uses innovative wireless ticketing technologies (based on BLE&UktraSonic beacons) to allow simultaneous ticketing in mass transit networks. Or to keep it simple, pay for the bus/ tram/ train with your smartphone.
HopOn's main goal is to change the way public transit is being used, and replace the current ticketing points with wireless ticketing zones, by using mobile payments technologies.
"Optibus revolutionizes public transportation scheduling and operations by introducing Optibize™ - an innovative, super-fast optimization technology, which is based on new patent pending algorithms. Optibize™ transforms legacy offline planning and problem handling into an interactive real-time process, thus elevating public transportation companies to operate much more efficiently, reduce cost, and deliver better passenger service. l
Karz provides an easy to use solution that uniquely serves drivers and insurance companies. Using their smartphone sensors, drivers receive Visual Objective Feedback on their driving performance being used as “driving track record”. Parents can practice their teenage driving lessons and follow on their driving performance and habits to improve their driving proficiency, safety and reduce their chances to be involved in a car accident.
Moving Life Ltd. is a startup company developing, manufacturing and marketing a unique mobility scooter that folds from a full size scooter to a trolley you can take on an airplane. The company was founded in 2012 by Nino Ransenberg and raised to this date more than $6, for research and development. The company announced ATTO in late 2015 and started to develop its markets around the world utilizing both direct sales to end users and traditional durable medical equipment channels
"make my day is a based- location application that will make you errands day to be easier than ever.
Today, When you have several errands to do, you may know when you will begin, but you don’t know really when you will finish them.
The solution of Make my day, is to provide you the optimal route to all your errands based on data such as : distance to all the errands, time standing in line inside the business, traffic and parking, business opening hours, your schedule and meetings and more
Kef Tech, LLC is a small business based in Camas, Washington, USA dedicated to designing Energy Efficient Alternative Transportation Products. The company was founded in 2004, when ILAN SABAR, a 30 year old Stanford educated Mechanical Engineer, quit his corporate job at Hewlett-Packard to pursue his dream of developing high-end personal electric vehicles. Our flagship product is the Metroboard Electric Skateboard (
Bike & Park is an automatic parking & charging facility for e-bicycle, enabling its users secure parking and electricity charging spots.
Bike & Park vision aims to improve the urban environment in terms of air/emission & noise pollution, traffic congestion, extending the use-range and position the e-bicycle as a leading urban mobility solution
TurboGEN currently developing a 5-30 kW series of compact power unit, based on Micro Turbine Generator technology. Due to high specific power and power density our system excellent suitable for use Range Extender for Electric Vehicle, but not only. The compact, lightweight and high power generator maximize range and minimize price.
Maradin Ltd. provides one of the world most advanced MEMS-based scanning mirror solutions, developing the core component of miniature laser projection and sensing systems.
Founded in 2007, Maradin is privately held, with headquarters and design center in Israel. Maradin operates in fables mode, with comprehensive patent portfolio.
Maradin has reached sampling stage and evaluation kits are being used by number of leading companies in consumer electronics, display, and industrial equipment.
We provide solutions and services for heavy commercial users .
GuardKnox Cyber Technologies is an innovative Cyber Security solutions provider to the automotive industry. Its unique approach and products provide Security in Depth to defend against any type of cyber-attack and prevent compromise of the passenger’s safety. GuardKnox technology is based on advanced and proprietary embedded real-time cyber-security solutions.
We connect drivers in anonymous phone call, in order to prevent them from being Sleepy
3D 360 Micro radar for monitoring and sensing traffic of vehicles and drones in urban area for real time load management
The world's first touch steering wheel! Patented gesture-control enabling a futuristic driving experience in the digital age. Control your phone, personal radio, real-time messaging, with incredibly simple gestures. Stay connected and while safe!
Sling is the first sightless touch interface that allows drivers to control their in-car infotainment system without taking their eyes off the road. Sling's patented touch technology transforms the way drivers interact with their IVI system, making the HMI experience safer, faster, and better. Sling is designed to enable multi-touch interaction, by mapping the hand of the driver and conforming interactive elements to each individual finger's on-screen placement.
"More and more computer systems are embedded into vehicles, making cyber attacks a great risk with the growing connected car trend. cycuro offers a unique approach to this challenge, complimentary to existing embedded security technologies. Our platform leverages all data sources both in and out of vehicles to provide a holistic solution. The data-analytics algorithms identify cyber incidents, and allow for continuous monitoring and efficient incident response from a single dashboard.
"City Transformer is a unique car-concept that provides a novel solution to one of the biggest challenges of urban driving: parking.

With an innovative folding mechanism its platform has the ability to change its width from that of a conventional passenger car (when in driving mode) to that of a motorcycle (when in parking mode), allowing the driver to leave the car in parking spaces reserved for motorists.
Combining the best features of both vehicle types.
TRUCKNET is a cloud-based system sharing empty space on any form of professional transportation, to optimize financial income and environmental impact. TRUCKNET has received R&D funding via The Office of the Chief Scientist and Capital Nature foundation.
SoftWheel is an international company that is reinventing the wheel. With patented, innovative technology, SoftWheel creates an energy-efficient and energy-absorbing wheel system with the potential to disrupt the entire transportation industry. These safer and more comfortable wheels are available today via two product platforms:
Acrobat - The world’s most advanced wheel system is compatible with any wheelchair frame.
In a tremendously growing trucking market for the past few decades, TruckerSam was created to provide social community platform with advanced
communication tools for the truck driver. This is the only platform focused its solutions and advanced tools on the Social and personal needs of the
truck deriver's unique profile and his way of living. Our mission is to connect truck drivers and Provide Immediate Answers To Any Personal
And Professional Needs
Addressing the heart of the autonomous driving market – monitoring the driving environment with 3D sensing and cognition, VayaVision came up with an innovative patented technology that enables best in class sensing with added value cognition abilities at an affordable price.
Blitz Motors produces 100% electric vehicles, independent of rising fuel prices and free from high maintenance costs. Blitz Motors’ strategy
is to source top quality electric parts all around the world from expert suppliers and assemble them in its factory to create strong, powerful
and stunning 100% electric vehicles at affordable prices. The companies’ main values are service and quality.
A personal design made by Dor Oliel
The Ridor is a tricycle that folds to a suitcase dimensions and can be easily dragged on its two front wheels.
The Ridor is very stable vehicle at any driving speed and full stop.
The Ridor is easy to drive with and easy to maneuver with in folded and unfolded state.
The Ridor is design around the bicycle industry, in order to use as much, off the shelf parts, as possible, and by doing so to reduce its price.
"Electric scooters are clean and quite vehicles that consume little energy, and therefore have minimal environmental impact. But… they have a riding range limit of only 30 km, which is a source of the “range Anxiety” of the rider.
Switchy has developed a universal powerful batteries and batteries swapping machines that are located everywhere in the city with available charged batteries. No more “Range Anxiety” of the rider.
Engie’s free solution connects to the car computer, diagnoses malfunctions and offers real-time quotes from mechanics nearby with price and quality comparison. Drivers can also get information and bids for their upcoming maintenance service, track daily parameters such as battery charge, fuel consumption and more.
With Engie the driver can make an educated decision when choosing a mechanic and come with knowledge and power to the repair shop.
Pi-Energy deals with Three types of electric vehicles, as well as Energy Storage :
1. Import service and distribution to the ""World Only"" road legal L2e electric tri-wheel city bike. Range 90Km, Speed 45Km/Hr, Charge time 3-4 Hrs.
2. Import service and distribution for self assembly vehicle platform, where the passenger compartment can be uniquely designed by the owner. It can become an autonomous platform, a 4 seater, a city car, minivan, foodtruck etc. Range 130Km, Speed 90Km/Hr.
MoniDriver is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice.With the build-in voice assistant you can play music,provide information about news, traffic, weather, and more.All you have to do is ask Moni.

MoniDriver is an open platform for connecting cars and also compatibility with IoT services and devices.
Instantly upgrade any car and making it more efficient, safer and fun.

Coming soon on INDIEGOGO.
"SmartCar is an Advanced Infotainment Architecture (Pat. Pending) that Fulfills the Industry’s needs for Hardware-Secured Non-Hackable Dashboard Applications Programming Interface (API).
"Many industries are being revolutionised thanks to drone technology. The biggest advantage of drones is their autonomous flight capabilities. Since drones can fly all by themselves they are being used to perform tasks that would otherwise be very time consuming, dangerous or expensive for a human to do.
With all the potential drones have, there is still one underlying problem - limited battery life.
"Hagar, Multi-discipline, Students-industry-academic stuff project to demonstrate Afeka's automotive center vision of the ultimate solution to the clean energy vehicle in the ever expanding mega-metropolis.
The development platform main innovations are:
• Unique highway capability personal vehicle
• EV Motor control
• Light weight protective structure
• Steer by wire control
intelligent system which predicts road accidents and alerts of their location 30 minutes before they occur, the preliminary alert will allow the transportation management centers to quickly dispatch response teams to clear the accident scene and, potentially, can prevent the accident from ever occurring.
at way-CARe, we watch ahead to keep you safe!
Hi-Park is an Urban Information data company, crowd sourcing visual information (such as- vacant on-street parking, road condition, street lights and pedestrians) in real time, while driving in the city using connected car's camera or drivers’ smartphone cameras. Serving- drivers, smart cities, city planners, real estate brokers, advertisers and many more with real time and long term analyzed information.
Putting ownership back in people’s hands. Not Corporations.
ODDO builds a platform that lets drivers build their Transportation Network under a global brand while gaining equity in the service they run and manage.
By keeping their business’ growing value within their network, instead of paying it up to “Silicon Valley” investors, ODDO offers drivers to become micro-investors within their own network - creating a hard to break relationship between the drivers and the platform.
"Roadix Ltd is an urban transportation company offering innovative alternatives to the changing needs of today's world. Our mission is to transform the way people commute around the city - by creating safe, green, durable and effective solutions at competitive prices.
The MUVe is a three wheel electric personal vehicle which transforms the way people commute in the city. Due to its patented three seconds folding technology and light weight the MUVe can be carried anywhere effortlessly.
Shabus is a cooperative transportation service that provides a weekend transportation solution at affordable prices. The service, convenient with a fixed schedule and stops, serves most of Jerusalem and the surrounding area.
BAZZ is an Israeli startup with a platform that increase efficiency, productivity and cost savings by improving safe hands-free connectivity. BAZZ is owned by E.SOOF Ltd, a private company established in 2013, and led by retired Brigadier General Eli Polak, CEO and Founder. BAZZ reads text and voice messages and responds to voice commands, all without taking your eyes off the road and hands off the wheel.
Tugger developed a one-stop shop search engine to locate a towed vehicle in major cities around the world.
We offer drivers, especially tourists, information in their native language, from municipal and government websites by using a team of analysts to map out towing data and procedures.
In case a vehicle is towed, tugger will cover the towing fee, based on proven case studies and world-wide actuary model.
"Yamar Electronics Ltd specializes in semiconductor devices and technology for communication over noisy AC and DC battery power lines, saving wires, reducing the wiring cost and weight, and increasing reliability.
Utilizing advanced digital communication techniques, the communication over the vehicle DC powerline overcomes the hostile and noisy environment encountered in power lines is the basis for variety of semiconductor devices and products.
Supreme Architecture (SA) is an Israeli hi-tech company developing LED-based Optical Wireless Communications ( OWC, also known as LiFi) technology, components and systems for connected and automated mobility applications.
Quicargo's platform monitors available trucks with empty space from multiple sources, analyses it in real-time, detects shippers needs and produces an “Empty Space” database. This creates business opportunities for both shippers and carriers. Quicargo aims to maximise the unused space in trucks, improve efficiency and increase overall profit in the road freight industry.
VALERANN is a start-up company that aims to develop a unique & revolutionary traffic control system that will address the most crucial challenges faced by drivers. In the past two years , we laid the foundation for achieving our future goal, while developing a new breed of road stud, which will bring out full potential of our mobility
Traxx connects motorcycles to the Internet, allowing for better safety, security, operation and maintenance throughout the bike lifecycle. Traxx works on all types of bikes, all over the world thanks to a smart piece of HW, a great looks no app and a global data service. All in an affordable price.
Disrupt the parking ecosystem by eliminating the need to search for parking. Our solution provides drivers with last mile navigation to the best available parking in real time. Spaceek’s solution is based on patent pending technology which delivers:
• Highly accurate real time data on parking availability, regulation, and pricing
• Advanced real-time analysis to generate relevant data insights
• Unique last mile navigation experience to drivers
• Affordable smart parking solution
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