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Industry Meets Entrepreneurs
Everything you wanted to know about the Automotive Industry and Couldn't Ask.
Hear directly from leading player about their future plans, what they are looking for and how to initiate collaborations with them.
Open Q&A Session
Faurecia Meets Entrepreneurs - Register Here
Faurecia Representatives:

Mr. Dana Lowell, Global Director, Technology Scouting & Ventures

Mr. Eric de La Gironiere, Faurecia Ventures President

Mr. Claudiu Vasilescu, Director of Innovation

Mr. Philippe Aumont, Chief Technology Officer at Faurecia Automotive Seating Business Group

Mr. Uri Pachter, Technology & Innovation Scouting

Bosch  Meets Entrepreneurs - Register Here
Bosch Representatives:

Mr. Markus Schmidt, Automotive Electronics  EVP sales & marketing

Mr. Marco Lammer, Automotive Electronics  Business Strategy & Marketing Director

Ms. Pamela Renz, Automotive Electronics  Office of executive management.

Mr. Stefan Meyer, Car Multimedia , Head of Regional Marketing

Mr. Felix Pretscheck, Chassis Systems Control, Marketing Strategic and Business Strategy

Dr. Jan Mertens, Chassis Systems Control, Networked systems engineering design

Delphi Meets Entrepreneurs - Register Here

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