Maniv Mobility

Maniv Mobility

Maniv Mobility is a venture capital fund based in Israel and investing in the world's leading seed-stage automotive and mobility startups. The fund is backed by some of the world's leading transportation companies including BMW, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Aptiv, Valeo, Lear, Shell and Deutsche Bahn.


Arbe Robotics, Aurora Labs, Autofleet, Autotalks, Bipi, Bolt Bikes, Brodmann17, C2A Security,Cognata, GasPOS, Guardian, Hailo, Intuition Robotics,Nauto, Nexar, otonomo, Pact Insurance, Phantom Auto, Revel Transit, Ridecell, Righthand Robotics, Seurat, Turo, Upstream Security, Voyage81



Nate Jaret



(Pre-seed to Round A)

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