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Startup Competition

Passenger experience on the tracks

Israel Railways together with EcoMotion, the Smart Mobility community invites you, technologies companies, to carry out a funded and mentored pilot, to implement technologies with the national operator of the heavy rail system in Israel
Empty Train Station


Israel Railways is looking for smart solutions that promote the service experience of its passengers.

The Challenge Competition will focus on the following topics:
First and Last Mile solutions

Solutions that resolve the first and last-mile issue by offering transportation services and infrastructure that enhance connections from home to the train station and from the train station to the destination. 

These solutions should fill the gaps in the transportation network and will be integrated into the existing train app or services, by allowing the passenger to plan his entire journey with a holistic experience and pricing solution.


Smart solutions to ensure the journey on the train will be available to all users, particularly those with disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, and neurological disabilities.

Starting from first and last mile, to the first step into the train station building, through the station space and all the railroad cars, and up to the destination - to enable the freedom of movement for all users.

In station and on train

Can the station or the train car become a community space? A classroom? A co-working place? What technologies can be implemented in those spaces to enhance and uplift the user experience?




The Finalists



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Eviatar Tron

Executive Director, EcoMotion

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Hagay Rozenfeld

Chief innovation officer, Israel Railways

avi atiya.jpg

Avi Atiya

Chief information officer, Israel Railways

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Inon Elroy

Vice Dir. General, acting Head of the Industrial Cooperation Authority at the Israeli Ministry of Economy & Industry

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Himmat Younis

Head of Innovation and Smart Mobility Ministry of Transport

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Yuval Wagner

Founder & Chair Access Israel Org

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Sarah Auslander

Service Design and Innovation Expert

​Learn more about the competition partners

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Who Can Apply

Winning Prize

We are looking for innovative and promising entrepreneurs that can solve one of the challenges, and that can belong to one of the following categories:

  • Start-ups, entrepreneurs, tech companies at all stages, with a solution for the challenges, and are interested in railways.

  • Start-ups from abroad who are interested in collaborating with the national heavy rail system in Israel.

  • Anyone who has technologies that can be adapted and constitute an appropriate solution to the challenges in a short time.

  • Anyone with the ability to present a demo and to carry out a pilot immediately (within 3 months of winning the competition)

The competition includes 3 challenges requiring a tailored solution. At the final stage, 6 finalists will present their solution to an expert panel of judges. The winning team will have the opportunity to perform a PoC, with the challenge partners, which will be funded up to $50K.


A successful PoC will lead to full scale commercial deployment in Israel Railways facilities.

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