Main Event 2015

Once a year, EcoMotion holds an event which attracts innovators from all disciplines in Smart Transportation. Ecomotion's annual "unconference" is a spectacular showcase of excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship in the sector.


Our First and Second Event took place at the Sea Center in Caesarea. 


EcoMotion 2014 hosted 400 participants from 10 countries, which included the display of dozens of projects, lectures, new innovations and break-through ideas, growing international interest in the developments in this field in Israel, and a display of the strength of the local smart transportation community.


This year we will surprise you with a different location  - The Peres Center for Peace, in 132 Kedem St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa.


The UnConference Concept and Agenda

An UnConference is a participant-based event.  As one can grasp from its name, the "unconference" is  a conference with an irregular structure. It is up to you to determine the content, atmosphere and tone. The entire event is based on the projects that you prepare. Participants who attend the unconference are welcome to listen to the projects that they find most interesting and attractive. Only YOU determine what happens! The concept has been tested in similar innovation events, which were all resounding successes; such as "MACHANET", "GeekCon" and " Kinnernet". 

So, we won't have a traditional schedule, and it will look like something like this (the Smart Transportation exhibition will take place outside through the day).

Here are the spaces that will host the lectures during the event:



The Main Hall

The Main Hall

Up to 200 people

The Underground Station

The Underground Station

Up to 150 people (we will of course have chairs during the event)

The Conference Room

The Conference Room

Up to 12 people

The Library

The Library

Up to 40 people

Outside Exhibition and Café

Outside Exhibition and Café


Some other interesting activities that will happen during the event:


- The Accelerator Demo Day! Our first wave of the Smart Transportation Accelerator, where five very interesting startups will present their work and products to investors.


- EcoMotion Challenge 2015 Finals! Ten teams with innovative smart transportation ideas will compete for a prize pool of 35K NIS.


- The Accelerator 2nd Wave Finals! Ten teams will compete for the five open slots in our next accelerator wave (100K NIS per project, office space, mentoring and advising program).


Registration Process

The Main Event fees are sponsored and are dependent on weather you participate in the "Un-conference".

Admission Fee:


Non-Presenting Visitor: 200 NIS

Active Participant (Lecture/Project Display/Workshop): 50 NIS

Exhibition Participants: Free! (up to 2 team members)

Student: 50 NIS


Please make sure that you read the registraion instructions carefully:

Active/Exhibition Participant:

As you've read in the explanation of the Un-conference, the participants themselves set up the content and tone of the conference. Therefore, displayng your idea or project in one of the time-slots (20 minutes each) during the event will grant you a significant discount for all team members.

After submiting your application, we will send you a discount code and you may procced to  final registration and payment.


Non-Presenting Visitor: 

If you wish to take part in the event and not present, you are always welcome to listen, learn and meet key figures in the field while observing major trends in the field of smart transportation.





Need a ride?


Main Event participants will enjoy a 50% discount off of all rides to and from the event using Uber. In addition, new users to the app will be given 70 NIS credit toward rides.


The promotion code will be sent prior to the event.


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