EcoMotion 6th Main Event, May 23rd 2018


On May 23rd 2018, EcoMotion will hold an event which attracts innovators from all disciplines in Smart Transportation.

EcoMotion’s 5th Main Event sold out 3 weeks in advance attracting over 1500 participants. With 300 international guests and 280 start-ups in attendance, 70 presenting companies, garnering international attention, the Main Event has become a major global event for innovation in transportation.

Building on this success, the EcoMotion 6th Main Event will once again attract major global players together with the foremost innovators to reshape the transportation landscape. 

We anticipate 1,800-2,000 participants, with many pre-selected and well known community members attending this world re-known event.

Why Leading Companies & Industry Leaders Attend

EcoMotion enjoys extensive media coverage (with significant international pick-up) for the EcoMotion Main Event. The event offers the biggest exposure to Israeli StartUps - 100 startups in exhibition and more attending in Speed Dating B2B, with many more interactions possible on the frontier of innovative technologies. As the leading local hub for innovation in transportation, the EcoMotion community appears frequently in the news throughout the year. We also hear from attendees on how their interactions at the Main Event have assisted in reshaping the transportation landscape with innovation opportunities for the global transportation market.

Need Directions?

Location & Arrival

The event will be hosted at the Tel-Aviv Port, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

We appreciate your arrival, at 8:00 AM, as registration for the event will take some time. The schedule begins at 9:00 AM and will continue until around 20:00 followed up by an after party.